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Collateral Damage

by overhype

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No I won‘t be silent I will open my mouth so wide that everyone can hear it This time I’m so mad my friend I swear I’ll let every motherfucker out there eat it With no hope we’re so slow to get it Openly supporting world wide killers We kill each other then thought to forget it We’re blind followers of theory of rear-view mirror Parasites programmed to destroy this paradise Cryin' about past not seeing we’re the ones who decide So say no to the news filled by lies The truth is out there yeah Right here between you and I It’s hard you step a little to the left But well now you’re little less on the right That’s why I’m standing in the middle And with my middle finger showin’ who they really are It’s hard you step a little to the right But well now you’re little less on the left That’s why I’m standing in the middle And with my middle finger showin’ you all what you get. Yeah it ain‘t joke it’s serious like Ebola Thank God we got over it So celebrate it with moshpit It’s good for you and for free By the way man you bought your ticket? I’ve been always a cocky kid Not able to accept today‘s image - collateral damage That’s the biggest reason I‘m wicked and sick, that I can’t admit It's all just a trick, we’re all for it No one knows whose that dick we suck That makes me vomit We don’t give a fuck what we‘ve commited Just cuz someone who not exists promised "No you won’t be on a blacklist" This whole fraud is made by the men who we follow Wake up and don't play games you don't know My style is Ceasar Planet of Apes main role so I can say the epic NO
Fake 03:45
Today's days it might be risky Playing nu-metal because you're never gonna be like Bizkit Pop shit rules and important is outfit My instinct says you have to play for profit Old school became extinct New school is homo like you and it's fake like wrestling Next thing is that I copy Slim Shady I'm crazy and you get reason to finally hate me We‘re on way to get third CD See me sellin' copies in your city I'm greedy, that's why it's so expensive Without copying we wouldn't be able to exist I'm antichrist of new metal bussines But it's the easiest way how to get hot mistress for dick licks This hattrick which carries our names is filled by copies to achieve false fame Yeah you can tell me that also I'm singing like O-Zone That's why people blame me Cuz I'm stealing from LBs Oh no, I said hold on, maybe I'm just so stoned I'm not able to make my own song Yeah, it's like it is, man I think you're right I've been waiting for this whole my fuckin' live To just copy, get famous, get cocky Get rich like Jobs, run upstairs like Rocky Be hot like Britney, be stoned like hippie Simply every single step of my life is fake Cuz someone else already done what I'm doing now You want me to be unique smartass Tell me fuckin' how I'm cock, cock, cock who's copying Nothing is mine, everything is stolen trust me Everyone of you smartasses know what's happening Oh no you got me
Easy 03:50
Have you ever realized how happy you are Under feet stance ground and up the blue sky People stoped to see the beauty of nature And I guess it's mostly problem of our new generation Guys look more like girls, girls look more like sluts Everyone's watching how their parents don't give a fuck What? That's something what I haven‘t got In my whole life, believe or not I was more under hand of spartan dad Who couldn't understand that I wanna be free, he disagreed He fucked me off with everything I need Heat in my head was like hell indeed I succeed - he sees Greedy is not the was how to be Weed - another episode in my life Which made me who I am and destroyed who I could be But I don't give a damn cuz I'm happy and I take it easy Cuz it's so easy to breathe in the air I feel again like I'm alive Took time to realize How to easily believe in myself I'm only point of my life You don't have to fall in ordinary line We are in age of big change From whole landscape We got to fullframes shared on book of my face Crazy, we chased the technology And now we're chased What's worse, we celebrate it When it happened that brain is on third place Behind money and fake facelift, crazy But I dont give a damn I'm taking my people, we go back Back to our basics Cuz it's so easy to breathe in the air Feel again like I'm alive
Yeah let's plant for example some tree of peace Cheers, celebrate democracy We were born sick yeah we're diseased We're blind to see behind wall of screens We're deaf to hear behind scream of fear We're the most stupid creatures of centuries But we don't care cuz we believe Somebody's up to clean the stink we breathe War helps, war cures and the war is near Now we're all so clear But I rather die than live unfree Yeah and now you gonna hate me Cuz I'm against your war your war for peace So show me how you're gonna face it When comes your war, this war for peace Just have your war, your war for peace So if you wanna have this war for peace Just fuck yourself with war for peace That you care about what's happening here Doesn't mean you read more newspaper or buy bigger tv Wake up people it's just too late to wait for help It's all just fake made by brains there over the big lake United states of wars and frauds like world trade center Way how to attack and still look like defender Heroes, yeah and everybody else is weirdo That's all the point that's the way we go on With chains and balls Supporting this great wannabe peace In a name of this great war When comes your war, this war for peace Just have your war, your war for peace So if you wanna have this war for peace So risk your death Are we blind, are we deaf While we're getting older Are we blind are we deaf To confess the game is over Are we blind are we deaf While we're getting older Game is over Yeah and now you gonna hate me Cuz I'm against your war, your war for peace Are you ready to face it? When comes your war, this war for peace Just have your war, your war for peace If you wanna have this war for peace Just fuck yourself with war for peace
You’ve burned their souls You’ve changed that beat Of heart which jumps like on K Remains your face instead of just fall asleep You’ve created chains which never let them leave This cage holding them far away from attain their own dreams They all died, they’re still not free So half alive walking around the sceen Hunting you with knife in sleeve You didn’t let them choose So I won't let you choose your way How to feel the pain My name is justice bitch and here's your judgement day Today cursed your soul I’m standing on this empty meadow diggin‘ holes For freaks like you Today lost control I’m fighting here against dark shadows all alone Fuck they have to give up cuz I won‘t I’m out of control This is your judgement day Me in your brain givin' you pain And spit disgrace to your bitchface Today I change my rules Four agreement book I hide to case in my desk To not feel the pressure on my chest And to forget my conscience Till I catch and conquest you I’ll be your nightmare ghost I’ll be your poltergeister I’ll hunt you ass down till the end of your life And much longer if there’s something after This is my destiny, this is my world First you do mess than I come and I clean that dirt I’ll make you feel the worst I’ll make you see those girls in your dreams I’ll make you burst You wanna pray all I give you is judgement day You can call it conscience it’s all in vain You can’t change you have to face your mistakes I'm gonna spit disgrace to your bitchface No you have nowhere to go, nowhere to run Also no place to hide I guess for you would be much better to commit sucide You have nowhere to go, nowhere to run, nowhere to hide I got you bitch I got you now Nowhere to go Nowhere to hide
Mate 03:48
The planet is sick You smile at someone in town and you get kick Cuz love is forbiden Nobody talks no one is open for That‘s what I call here our third world war We hate the God cuz of what he made We came from monkey to human, from human to slave That’s main reason why we cannot behave Madness blinded our mind but I believe it’s still time to change So chill man why to be mad We have to relax it’s time to finally get That we should have red eyes And be happy for life we have Oh no, I don't wanna be your mate I won’t, I won’t play games that you create Oh no, I don't wanna be your mate I see through you when you just look at me So don't look at me For thousand years people fight for nothing We’re animals, canibals cuz of religion or race We’re hard cases behave like whores more than ever before And faith changed for blood which fluids in wars Kids die of hunger tell me what for And we still wonder, we should stick together And support each other instead of kill each other Which leads feeding these wannabe god‘s sons motherfuckes So man if you’re still mad You should take breath and finally get That first we have to be mad at who deserves That’s why I said I’m givin‘ you love so why you’re givin‘ me hate Just stop being false and show me your real face I’ve tried many ways, bloody fights and complains And I’ll tell you something man none of these brings me my faith Here’s the chance to start to behave So stop being whore then we’ll be ok Just say sorry for bad shit you have made Don‘t be afraid man, I used to be exactly the same
It's crazy how TV will make you to see Normal people lookin' as the worst enemy It's lie just realize This hate it's just in your mind No way, we still have time to be ok, to survive No, I don't wanna go down on my knees And sell my soul to unknown bitch I'll rather die in my broken home all alone Game called New World Order Should move us forward I just don't see the progress I can see just more homeless People on streets, they have nowhere to go They don't deserve to have a new home And why, cuz we heard it on a radio Have you ever asked yourself should we be here Till now, it looks like we're just mistake of evolution Have you ever realized we shouldn't be here now It's crazy how we believe in what we read And when it's written Holy on it then we just agree They came to us, we call them gods Why? Cuz they came from skies This was first time we got afraid Of their hate so we sacrifised This became a way how to be motivated To believe in God who created This all around in seven days Bullshit but just keep your faith No surprise that you've dedicated Whole your life to all what's stated In holy bible, even when it's faded By the time we became rapists We became murderers, we became racists In a name of God, I fuckin‘ hate this God is the devil and you just can't fucking take it In a name of god be poor in pockets and rich by soul In a name of god don't kill this shit is more then just known In a name of god how the fuck we can just destroy homes Of other men just cuz they believe in something else than you want
Hypnosis 03:45
When I say ten you all gonna fall into deep sleep All you have to do is hear my voice and trust me One soilder is walking through desert Another two are after him to give him a black hood Less than three bullets released to feel free More than four kids have no dad and what for Fuck all who pull the trigger and make Every other war just bigger than though What more you want as proof to see Five six seven eight nine ten you sleep Forget about words hate, war and enemy And when you wake up You gotta smell the hate we breathe The blood we boil in war anxiety Let pussies suck up, fight for your rights For better tomorrow, fight for love otherwise Earth will be just hollow ball, so tell me what for You have to see there’s no way to going on I’ve got a feeling That we’re hypnotized to not see where we are living in This place is amazing We're living in what we chose We pay for fear to not feel safe Not even at home I've been also blind or let's say hypnotized I was afraid to die every single moment of my life Afraid to realize that the fear is in my mind only I believed that government is here to hold me when I fall Bullshit, government is pimp and I've been it's whore Who fucked for free and what more We pay for fear we created But now it's your last chance to change it So suck it up we'll make it Start with yourself and then we're gonna make it Trust, have faith, don't let anybody shake it If you just complain it's gonna be just same shit We can't let this happen let's change it Ten, you gonna fight till we die Nine, then we gonna be just fine Eight, no pain, no chains, no hate Seven, you must forget official report of 9/11 Six, we gonna rise and together fight these dicks Five, we gonna work together to get this fixed Four, no more of being slave or cheap whore Three two one, now you're awake and ready to overtake Now you're the one who scores Now you're the one who will hunt Now you're the one who warns these cunts up there Just run Forest run
If you've ever though that we’ll calm down Than you've got wrong You can fix it and I’ll show you how If you’ve ever though that we'll calm down Then you've got crazy man and that amazed me now I do whatever I want yeah I do whatever I want I do whatever I want and you can't stop me anymore You wanna me to stay calm but I can’t I tried and I felt horribly wrong And I heard that you wanted me to stay down But man I can’t I’m high as kite and I’m fine I feel more than alive I feel more than just right Have no reason to lie my life is like Jackson Five Everything is working together like bees in hive Still high open to fly but have no time to cry You should try it man I’m not kiddin‘ man Today it’s one decade since we started in the cave Little boys wanted have fame Many things had to be changed, many shit had to be faced Yeah it was lame but at least no copy and paste Always we tried to bring taste of us We’ve been nuts Cocks up for be on stage but our songs sucked We said enough we need hot stuff We showed how we know our sound How we love the underground This is us, this is overhype I’m pretty sure that this shit is better than anything you’ve found Yeah I’m sorry this sounds bigheaded Just get it, till you’ll be pathetic I’ll be in my bitchass habit to show you faggots What we made of nothing and we have it We fit together better than carrot to rabbit We had much time to waste and now we have to amaze Everyone in this not so numetal state


released November 7, 2015


all rights reserved



overhype Brno, Czech Republic

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